KeyVault Keyholder- The All in One Key Organizer

People face many difficulties while carrying multiple keys. Keys when keep in a pocket, it makes a jingling sound that everybody hates. And sometimes when you keep your phones with keys, then you will find your phone with scratches. And most of the time findings a key that was buried inside a bag are quite frustrating, especially when we are in a bit hurry. To overcome all this frustration, KeyVault has come up with a unique and well design keyholder which is one of the most effective, lightweight, and also eliminates the jingling sound of the keys. The KeyVault is a simple but elegant solution to the inefficient keychain. KeyVault not only solves the problems listed above, but also contain some additional features.


The KeyVault can hold up to 12 standard keys and also contains a ring to store large or extra keys. It also includes a 32GB USB that will help you to carry your digital files. The KeyVault also features 26mm thick, flexible, comfortable that makes you easy while carrying, durable as it was made of stainless steel, intuitive as it help to gain easy access to your keys. The material used for KeyVault is durable and the key holder makes key set up an easy process. With KeyVault, you can organize your keys by stacking them in order which will make easy for you to remember where each key is placed. It will also prevent you from being poked by your keys.

To extend its functionality, KeyVault also contain a multi tool accessory which includes a high quality stainless steel screw driver, hexagonal pry bar, spanner, bottle opener and keychain ring. KeyVault, the elegant designed keyholder that ensures consumers an easy way to carry keys, is live on Indiegogo and raising funds for the mass production of the product. The KeyVault Keyholder is available for pre order on Indiegogo. To know more about KeyVault, visit


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